Apartment Hunting

Why in the world would rental prices change on a daily basis?

I went apartment hunting yesterday and found that it is worse than shopping for a car. Some of these leasing agents just wreak of sleeze. And they were at nice properties.

Its funny you are quoted the rent and when you agree with the price...then they start adding on the sur charges like valet garbage, upgrade for faux wood floors, upgrade rate for first or second floor rentals.

Its hot in Texas and renting a top floor means extra in air conditioning, not to mention I used to live in a 3 story townhouse and the 3 flight walk up and down never did much to keep me tone, so i do not see any benefit to renting high up.

There is an extra charge to have a view other than the parking lot. To look at trees out your bedroom window...you have to pay more.

If course none of these fees are listed, they just are quoted and those fees and rental rates keep flipping around like a ticker on the stock market floor.

Its enough to make my blonde hair grow tediously gray...

There are application fees, pet deposits, administration fees and an application that is only a few pages short of mortgage.

You need 3 times the income for rent and you have to be credit worthy or additional deposits are incurred.


The Blonde is not a fan of lease looks!

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