I Just Want To Do My Job

Why can't people be nice?

Why can't people, especially women, in lower positions just do their work without trying to build animosity toward others to hide their inferior work ethic?

Every where I work, there is always that one person that just has to make life miserable for everyone.

I became a supervisor which apparently means not supervising; it means taking on the responsibility for the shit that comes about when others do not play a fair game at work.

Its one thing if the job afforded me a new paint job on my car and nice digs in a nice area of town; but this job barely affords me a one bedroom flat in nowhere ville.

Its funny, i thought working from my house, alone, would afford me the ability to do my job and not have to deal with assholes but unfortunately...NO!

Somehow, someone I never met accept through emails has found a way to cost me a days commission because I have to deal with cut and pasting complaints from clients into a spreadsheet for the Director.

I changed my font to a pretty pink and use smiley emicons now when I ask my employees to do something, to make sure it comes across as sweet and not too directive.

I follow up my emails with positive affirmations to the employees which I do not mind doing for those that are worth the emicon.

I find it funny that adults respond to pink cursive and blushing emicons instead of professional directives in black straight fonts.

We have become such a ridiculous society in business, no wonder we are in a recession and our jobs are outsourced to other countries.

Americans are spoiled, lazy, and passive aggressive in their daily work life.

They pass the buck when they fail, they piss the day away on facebook, and when the shit hits the fan because someone didn't follow through, they spend a mountain of time finding a target to use as a smoke screen.

I actually had an employee spend 4 hours sending my emails to management in regards to hurting her feelings.

You know what those emails said?

"Please correct this situation immediately and send the shipment overnight if you have to. I want it done tonight."


What about my feelings when the client bit off part of my ass when the company failed to deliver 4 times in a row...way before I took the position?

Did I cry to the boss? NO!!

I tried to correct the situation and for that I was penalized.

Eventually, I will figure out how to slack off and not care about duties at work like the rest of the 'gang'...

And if someone wants an apology from me because I demanded they do their job properly...

They better get a coat cause it gets pretty darn cold when hell freezes over!!

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