To Lie or Not to Lie

That is the ethics question of the day!

I am on the cusp of my ethics class and I find the area is very grey. Not something I am used to or even like. I like a clear black and white color of vivid truths.

Today, I applied for an apartment and I am sure if I checked off all the little yes boxes, they would not question it and let me in.

But stupid me, questioned my ethics and I could not in good conscience lie about a little thing like credit.

I come out on the short end of the stick with credit. All my immediate bills are dead on but the lingering divorce credit is not something I can easily clean up.

I am running on fate these days and if its meant to be, than the apartment will be mine with a clear conscience or it wont be mine.

Its not like I found the holy grail of rent control flats in Austin. I just found a superb location and a workable flat; of course I will have to forfeit my deposit in favor of new lighting fixtures, new cabinetry, and definitely will have to upgrade the tile and sink in the luie...

I have a few that are willing to co-sign but I want this on my own terms.

If I don't get it,..my jag is getting a body resurrection.

Of course I went out with Augusto and he immediately told me I should have lied. The first application is a test and I should have just checked all the marks.

He is probably right. After all, he is a lot further along in life than I am and the sad truth is...honesty will kick you in the ass every time.

I am trying to be a better liar but its a little harder than I thought.

I really must learn that its the norm to throw morality out the window to get what you want.

If I keep that in mind...

The Blonde might end up as president!!

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