Slacker Studies

Work was a bit of a disaster today. Since I work from a virtual office, I do not have the luxury of standing around the office cooler to bash my co-workers but even if I was using an office in the company...the notion of drumming up trumped up charges against someone to save my own inadequacies would never happen.

I don't have inadequacies!

I have only been with the company for a month and I understand there is a settling in time where things might go a bit hay wire.

I have learned that not to over achieve at my job.

I need to slack back and enjoy the paycheck without making too many ripples.

From now on, I am going to take that advice and chill.

As far as the rest of my life is going..its not going very far...just up the road

I fell short of funds for the unvisited I applied to and must wait for spring. Meanwhile though I am moving into a new place.

rent in Austin is super high compared to what I can get with a downtown Dallas view in D-town but at least I don;t have to move very far.

I didn't get the amount I was hoping in grants and scholarships..I was going to use the money for back up rent just in case something happens to the new job.

I was hoping to have my car painted...

I was hoping to do a lot of things but fate has something else in stored for me...

I really hope I can move further away from my fear of losing everything and reach my goal of finding the perfect home and finishing law school.

I am hoping, hoping, hoping....

Hope is all the Blonde has right now!

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