Big Fat No On Baylor

Merit scholarships only go up to $5000 for transfer students, even with a 3.5 or higher. So that means I would have to pay easy installments of $1000 a month in order to make up the difference from my scholarship and loans.

That $1000 does not cover books or housing or food. If I am going to fork over an extra grand of bill a month, I rather not be in the middle of Waco, where the youth leave and the mentally ill go to die in the surrounding facilities.

Waco was a depressing thought of a town, I really thought they would want to entice me with a little extra just for living in the barrios of Texas.

So, its a waiting game with SMU and working on fall back plan which will probably incude another semester at community college while I wait to here from schools that are less expensive and offer Spring registration.

Little hitches in my education groove is fine...its not stopping me...I will get that law degree...

Someday soon

The Blonde is just lean on school funding!

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