I Could Watch Facebook Whistleblower Testimony Over and Over!

As someone who deleted her account last month, because of many of the issues regarding the provoking content sent to someone who has ADD and PTSD and then getting my certain posts blocked because of it... I am thrilled karma is coming to fruition. I did not realize the extent of the malicious behavior Facebook acted upon to increase profit at the expense ofthe young and vulnerable. While Mark Zuckerberg is sailing, I hope his world continues to crumble as much as it can for a billionaire. To promote pro-ana sites is beyond an apology! To incite bad behavior for more click rates is beyond an apology! I can;t wait to watch Zucker's testimony from the past to see if purgery might be in his furture; that will be fun! Bravo Francis Haugen. This Blonde is with you!! Although,it does seem a little bit like Facebook is playing us. They would love stricter governance over socia media because that would make it more difficult for new players to enter the market.... just a thought.

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