Holy Cowhide Y'all

Its was a duffel bag full of drama last week.

I had a jealous wife hunt me down on Facebook.

I had one of my best friends leave his husband.

My baby boy is going off to train in bullet wound trauma.

I think the jealous wife thing has been squashed..let's hope so!!

My friend is going back and reconciling with his partner.

And my baby boy has his new gaming computer to look forward to when he gets home.

And I...had no drama!!

I had a nice weekend in the country with someone.

I got an extra surprise in my bank account thanks to the refund department at school.

And I have just been inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi. The national leadership honor society.


What a whirl wind of activity surrounding me.

But I am kicking ass in the life department!!!

I love me job. More importantly I love how I get to bitch about my job when secretly..its pretty awesome!!

I love school and happy knowing I am one year closer to my law school degree!!

I love the fact that I have reconciled to the fact that I love being single.

I am not going to settle down.

I like weekend boyfriends to keep me company but my goal is to end up like Auntie Mame.

If you have not seen the movie...you should watch it!! I prefer the remake as opposed to the Lucille Ball version.

An older woman surrounded by drama from other people, meanwhile happy as a lark just being her fabulous self.

That is who I am...

A Blonde happy in her skin!!!

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