Where do I live?

Umm..a bit of sarcasm here...

Let me google map it for you!!

Honestly, its none of your business.

I was done with Kito awhile ago. You are just getting to me now?!

Let me tell you something..

When a man gets sloppy in his dating around his wife, he is ready to leave her.

If your trying to make me a pawn in the separation of a marriage, think again.

I am in a 'no fault state' and I am protected by the law.

My moral obligation is to no one since I am not married, nor would I ever cheat on anyone I marry...and if they cheat on me...

than I am not doing something right as a wife and I will fix it.

That is what communication and love is all about.

AshlyMadison.com promotes cheating and I for one think its horrible. I would never cheat but I am single and I am free to see whomever I choose.

Maybe women will stop thinking about the 'Gloria Steinem' effect and find out, they can't have it all.

Take care of your man and your man will be faithful.

As far as Kito, he was a friend...that is all.

I moved on long ago.

I do have to say, God has away of pushing me in one direction and keeping me adjusted to a true life.

I found a wonderful man and although he is a little to quick to love, he came out of no where as a great surprise.

I am staying true to my path. I really do believe our lives have been already written before we were born and the movie "Adjustment Bureau" kind of solidified that fact for me.

I keep getting harsh adjustments and now that I am following in the path I should have taken years ago...

Life is really falling into place for the Blonde!!!

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