So my first attempt at renting an apartment ended up in a flat out rejection.

I have the income but my credit is still wiggy from medical bills and when I had that little trouble called divorce way back when.

I have two more years to wait out the bed credit left behind from divorce and the predatory lending practices when I desperately tried to refinance the house afterward.

I am not paying these fees especially when they should have been paid when the house rolled over to a new owner and the bank paid the old bank off.

If I paid these fees now, the bad credit remains for another 7 years. If I leave the charge offs alone, by federal law they have to be taken off after 7 years.

I have two years before the slate is wiped clean and until then, I will have to snuggy up with a co-signor if I want a flat.

This is just another small bump in the road, although with the accumulated bumps..its starting not to feel like a fun ride in life.

I will look for another place and in the meantime, I have another month of savings.

The Blonde is used to Nos!

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