An Almost Ditch

I almost ditched a date tonight. I had it in my mind that blind dating is going to serve up nothing more than a dead end soup with annoyance for crackers.

But...I was wrong!!

Recently I have found it smart to expect the worst and never be disappointed. But I expect the worse so much that I almost ditched this date.

And to my surprise he was sweet, funny, cute in a Tom Arnold sort of way...and I actually had a great time.

And to think I almost missed out on this one because of all the ones before that turned out to be wet sprockets.

I think this might actually be fun for a change.

I think this is a positive step in walking away from the last of the unavailable men.



I can't kick the Augusto habit unless I have someone new to focus my attention on.

This one might just be the one to finally pull me toward a real relationship.

Its time.

I have been kicking it back with the wrong men for so long. I am tired, bored, and ready for something real..

Who knows?

Not me, but won't it be fun to see what unfolds?

For the first time, I am really excited about someone.

In the mean time, I will still expect the worst...

(he does have really small feet)

but from now on...

The Blonde will hold out for the best!!

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