There Are No Second Chances

Not true...

There are plenty of second chances. They may not be in the same direction as you once took but there are if you keep going.

Change up your navigation until the right road is taken and then the world will open new roads to steer you in the direction that you were supposed to take all along.

So, if you think about it...screwing up a first chance might be becaause you were suppose to.

I just finished my ethics exams and did very well. I aced my literature essays, and I have a complete application in to UT.

My law degree is a little closer to happening.

Something that should have happened long ago..or should it have?

Maybe I need to go through all the things I have in order to get to this patch of road...

The road untried...

The road with risk and hope and all the good things tied up in not giving up.

its very evident to me that a housewife is not my destiny.

Something is and I am excited to find out.

In the meanwhile, I have no desire to settle with anyone nor let them settle upon me and steer me off the wrong path.

That being said....

The Blonde is alright with being single forever!!!

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