I Am Doomed

Baha Bahaaaa

The Lone Star Suck

Some things do not change...even if you are undead. It is true today as it was fucking in 2011 when I first wrote this.

And before I undied.

I am doomed to be alone unless I find another way to find a date.

Where am I supposed to drum up viable dating options?

The online dating site is nothing but a plethora of liars, losers, and deadbeats who have nothing better to do during their bored time at work.

I have no choice but to join gym.

I have to find the right gym.

Last one I joined was in Houston and it was in the gay zone of town.

Lesbians had some fun in the steam room while I got completely grossed out.

Texas men suck..no doubt about it...this southern girl can not do the south western bullshit.

I am going to die...

Please, please someone from a real world come save me.

The Blonde needs you!!

I love finding my diary from when I was alive. Makes me feel fucking awesome for being undead!

Men suck but now I can kill them.

The blonde chants Hoorah dead dicks!!!

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