Credit Clean Up

So I found this killer site that helps you clean up credit faux pas on your own. Its free and fabulous.


This site makes me feel so much better about my life crisis. I am now in control of trying to repair credit from my divorce. I read important information about what to do and what not to do.

They even provide legal letters to send to collection agencies that bought old debt and inflated the debt or have no right to the debt since the government paid off the original debt to the original creditor.

Its scarey to think that you are helpless to do anything in regards to bad debt but I now know, thanks to this site, that I am not helpless and I can renew my life and my credit.

You have a right to get a credit report from any of the three major agencies for free.

You have a lot of rights the creditors don't want you to know about.

This site will help you with everything.

I really don't want a co-signor for my new flat. It is important I do this on my own, and now I know I can.

It may take a few months but while i wait to clean up credit I have the financial ability to pay for a new paint job for my car.

I will feel so much better about myself driving a jaguar that does not look like it went through a war zone. I do feel people look down on me because of my car and my live-in situation. I try not to car but i do get down a bit about it.

By fixing my car, cleaning my credit and eventually finding my own place will just be a bonus to my new start in life. I waited so long to get over the fear of trying again, that these are great little steps to build back my confidence.

I feel really great having a job and going to school. I don't need a man. i know this. I can do this on my own.

And that makes me feel super great about me.

The Blonde is almost like new!!

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