Animal Smarts

...they don't hang out with their kin. They make babies and forge families and everyone goes on their sweet little way.

Animals don't give unwanted advice, they don't harbor anger for 20 years, and they don't fight over antique typewriters.

But just to be clear...the typewriter goes to me..I don't care what story a certain someone remembers. I wrote my very first movie script on that typewriter. Its in my chest still bound by the baby blue ribbon and covered with a little drawing I made for it.

But feel free to sticky your name over everything else!

Animals don't give you lip about drinking out of a carton. As a matter of fact, I think an animal would be impressed with carton drinking because its eco-friendly since you aren't wasting water to clean a cup a couple of times a day.

I don't know why there is a saying that 'people some times act like animals' since that would be an insult to the animals.

I am not the person some people think I am and I will never be able to change their reality of me but I will tell you this. If the perception you have of me is from 20 years ago, than your reality of me today is askew but who am I to change the vision of your world..

Keep what ever scenery of me you like..paint me red with flames, sharp teeth, and stiletto heels..

rewind in your mind a new tape of what I said and year after year the words can evolve into something so much darker...

Twist and turn that memory of me until you no longer see your sister as a friend but as an enemy on an egg field.

Who needs reality when you can fabricate a web of pettiness into a fantastical film strip that replays in your mind telling yourself how much better you are than me.

If that is what you need to be happy than please be my guest. I won't be around to prove you wrong.

Maybe I do act like an animal....I rather wish family would go away on its own and leave me to me...

The Blonde is not a lion but a Leo!

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