Raising My Glass to Done

I need to change the headliner of my tags for blinded by blonde since I no longer date online, although I do have stories I can continue to tell but why?

The stories after awhile become stale and unfunny. The sad state of online dating is not funny..its simply sad. I think its especially sad for the lonely people who get caught up in looking for someone so desperately that they will let people that do not deserve them, come in and piece by piece destroy a little bit of their faith in finding someone all too perfect for them.

They will settle for anything rather than nothing.

Look at Raine and Augusto...trying to sell me on less than a life because they want more of one. They sit their and down on me about relationships and wanting freedom to play the field while being in relationships.

Really what they are saying is; they have settled for someone that looks perfect on the outside but on the passion side they need extra women on the side to fulfill what the settlement didn't.

I adore these guys but I do think their justification is a little screwey and I am not the extra rose frosting that will help them complete their cake.

I would rather be alone than settle for someone I do not find perfect for me. I do not mean perfect in the sense of perfection but simply someone that fits perfectly with me. Someone who isn't so perfect that I won't feel less perfect.

When I wrote about the love of men that did not love me back..its more complex than that. The natal chart explains why I can't attain the men I want but also the complexity of this love I have is really manifested from an idea of what I think my life should be and who should fit in it.

I am no longer looking for it but forever will I hold out for it. And if I end up alone...so be it.

Let's face it, its been 6 years...which if you count...I join for one month a year, find a man, see how it works for a year and than when it did not work out the way I had hoped, I go online for a month and bingo starts all over again...so technically its only been 6 months of dating in real time but still...

I am tired of looking...done...finito...ova!!!!

So say hello to the new official cat lady...

the spinster sister...

the Lonely Hearts Club newest band member...

The Blonde won't raise the date ceiling!

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