I am pre-Legally Blonde

Who is headed to law school?

The Blonde is!!

I am formally accepted to Baylor and still waiting to hear from SMU but Baylor is a litigation law school and who better to argue out her past aggressions on unsuspecting jurors?

I am!!

The whole world has shifted today. I no longer feel like I am in limbo and its not because the Catholic church decided to do away with it.

Its because my life is moving in a forward motion. Yes, I still have trouble with finances this summer but if I can hold out just two more months...I am still not going to be golden but I will have a bit of worth with grants and scholarships and with a little bit a faith...a part time job in a law firm in Waco.

Waco...I know its bubbaville but my car will blend much better in Waco than Dallas.

I don;t want to live in a rich person's world being poor. I feel more comfortable playing an average Jess in a rural town where I can rent a small farm shack and have room for art, sewing, studying, and yes...even maybe a mini dairy cow to babysit my obnoxious cats.

Fate brought me this opportunity just as much as I have worked for it. I am going where the Gods lead me and if its in the middle of bum fucked Egypt...

I will take it.

I will gladly go where I was never willing to go before and its exciting and its scarey and I am finally brave enough to meet the challenge.

The excitement will soon wear off like the Miami fun did but at least now, I know I am headed somewhere.

I have a road map.

Its been carved out before I was born, I just never followed it. I made the mistake of trying to change things but I really do believe that my life was cast and my only failure was refusing to see it.

This time, the Blonde is following her map!!

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