Baroque, Not Destitute

Just because I am living off of financial fumes doesn't mean I can't get out from under it every once in a while to catch some fresh air.

Augusto, the only man left in my repitoire of Xs; he is allowed to remain because he is truly a good freind and he looks like Antonio Banderas.

Since I have some credit on an airline and he has to go to Miami for work, we are co-mingling our resources and rejuvinating in Miami next week.

I need a little fun time away from the femme cave. I have been hunched over laptops and sewing machines for two weeks launching my wears on Etsy. I feel my back stiffening and when IO played tennis yesterday, it felt like Gollum.

I am going to work out half the day and realx the other half. For me this trip is about stretching my muscles and putting my body in top form.

I am sure some drinks will slip in somewhere in the afternoon whikle on the beach watching the sunset. I am way past the club stage in life. Its not that I am too old for the clubs...its the fact that the men are too young for my taste...better to find some slow runners along the beach...

They are easier to catch.

The Blonde is going beach bum!!

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