Shula Rest Stop

So I am in Miami Lakes at the Don Shula Golf resort. Its not the hip Miami hotel i stayed at last time I browsed through Miami but its nice. Its actually exceptional for the 99$ prioce tag with an upgrade to a balcony and pool view.

Lots of chubby checkers in this neck of the woods which is wxcellent for my body image. I am rocking the hottest and youngest body in this tiny part of town..

Augusto and I had dinner at the hotel steakhouse and the waiter was trying to upsell everything. Its a shame he wwasted on the food service. he should be in computer sales.
Everything he suggested had the highest price tag. He tried to push a $16 glass of Merlot from Cali on me and I was not going for it until he said its half proce for happy hour.
Of course, after I ordered the second glass, he informed me that the mamagement changed the rules about happy hour at the very last minute and the merlot was full price.
Seriously dude, I know I am blonde but I am not an idiot. I could have argued the point with a multitude of reasons that would make his head spin but I was to tired to get my way...

Besides, if he is so hard up for the tip padding...so be it..its just the last time he will see us in the restaurant.

Waiter: " Good evening, tonight we have on the menu the Screw You special. Would you like that medium or well-done?"

Me: "Well, I am exhausted and I do look like someone you can take advantage of easily, so let't have the well-done jack ass."

Well, I am off to the pool to sit next to those beyond the X-gen and skinny challenged.

The Blonde is in chill mode!

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