Love has No Boundaries

but love should not be built by boundaries either.

I was thinking today about love. The love family thinks they have for each other and how that kind of love is built out of some form of duty they feel. Just because someone is related to someone else does not mean that they must love them.

I think the duty to love can cause more harm than good.

Aside from family love, there is the love we feel for people we meet along our journey; I always wonder why I feel more love toward some than others.

I would like to share a few of my loves....

I love Raine. I miss his smile, his demeanor, his sweet way. I love him and I don't need to be a part of his life to feel that way. I just love him and hope he is happy.

I love Jackson. Funny I know. I only went on a few coffee dates and was rejected for another woman but I feel love for him. I hope the woman he decided to be with is all he ever wanted and I hope he is happy.

I love MM. I have always loved him from the very first time I saw him so many years ago. I hope he is happy and finds the love he looks for.

I have loved a handful of men but they did not love me. Its not their fault any more than its my fault that I fell in love with them.

Love is so intangible, it really is not connected to emotion or feelings.

Love is something given to us from a dying star thousands of years ago. Those who were born from that star will always be connected in some form of love to those that also have that star inside of them.

To explain love is to know physics. You have to understand that from the beginning of time when the stars exploded and died, they gave each and every one of us a bit of their sparkle. Some shine more than others and some have more of one star in them than another and in that little bit of sparkle comes a connection we can not explain without the help of science and physics.

I do not dismiss the notion of a higher power.

I pray to God. I cross my heart in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost...but I also say thanks to Mother Earth and believe in pagan history before Christianity brutally denied them their faith.

I believe beyond God that physics plays a part in our lives from inception of earth to the death of our world.

I have connected and loved men for no explainable reason...

I will always love the men that I have fallen for and I need not their love back ...I just hold them in my heart and wish them well.

And to Augusto... my soul mate, my perpetual dating partner, my equal panty partner....may one day, I find someone of my own that can share their love with me like you have shared with me.

I bless my lucky stars every day that I have felt love; whether it was returned or not is not the point. The point is, I can love and I can look beyond the status quo's belief; beyond the box they created to conform love as they see fit.

I see love for what it is...an entity that will never conform to anything we know or are willing to really understand with the use of our 10% brain utility.

Yes, I would love to marry someone but not under anyone's written moral code other than my own.

The Blonde is not blinde.

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