Don't Waste Food

"Via, What are you doing?"

"What..I don't like the bottom part of it"

"Stop wasting food"

"I am not!"

"Only take what you can eat"

"Mother, I am..I just don't like the bottom part on that and that was too sicky sweet to finish"

"Stop wasting food when there are people who are starving in this world"

"Mother, me not finishing an inch worth of cake is not going to effect the starving unless..."


"I know!! Lets take the two bites of food out of the disposal and mail it to the starving. Do you have an address?!"

"Not funny"

"not as funny as your statement but I try"

Starving people are never funny but thinking somehow not finishing the food on your plate will help is ridiculous!!!

Blondes would get fat if they ate on behalf of the whole world!!

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