Love is in the Hair

conversations from my mate in D-town:

how was your date to the theatre?

The theatre was not half as fun as being with you or probably anything you did

Did you get anything for your trouble?

if i told you you wouldn't believe it lol. did you?

tell me, tell me...I will believe you

ok she lays her head on my shoulder on the couch for like ever, then she rolls me off of her, ok sits me up and starts the blow job special. but i notice she has gum, oh well she knows what she is doing. She does a pretty good job then after I cum and she gets up gum is ( i know this sounds impossible) but stuck to my balls like under neath and also stuck to her hair. She cant get up, pulls and pulls OUCH and finally gets lose and then has to cut gum out of her hair!

are you going to call her again?

Well to be honest, I think it deserves a sympathy call don't you? I mean she has to just be mortified and I would like to give her a chance to make a cum back.

Was she a blonde?


Blondes love happy endings!!!

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