Sicko II

I just watched Michael Moore's movie Sicko and I find myself running a parallel story.

It has been several weeks and I am trying to procure a new ride for myself. Since I have always paid cash for my cars and I need to re-establish some credit after a falling down, I thought I would try credit. I filled out the online application and boom I was sent a blank check.

Now due to some incompetency on the loan sharks side of the pool, I was not getting the amount I needed to buy the car I wanted. I would have to settle for a SAAB convertible and while I would look absolutely cute in it...I want my Boxter with the fancy rims..probably not a smart move but than again when was the blonde ever smart about choices when it came to styling herself.


My rate was a little high, ok truth be told it was drastically high and so I inquired as to why.


Medical collections?!@!

Apparently the bills to my hospital visits for two bike wrecks are being disputed by the insurance company and while in dispute resolution, the medical malfeasance have the right to put it on my credit report!!

I have the right to dispute all the negative impact of foulness by hate mongers with the big 3 credit agencies which I will pursue with a vengeance..bastards!!!

On a better note I have since learned you can negotiate your interest rate with th bank..so far I have had them drop it 3 points...so with a little persistent I might be driving my baby in no time.

If not ...there is always the SAAB!!

Blondes look good in anything!!

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