My Father's Laundry List

2 cell phone

1 Digital camera (latest casualty)

1 expensive silk dress

3 very expensive sweaters

Be wary of leaving your clothes in the reach of Laundry Man.
You think you have a towel when you get out of the shower..NOPE...he took it because he couldn't find anything to put in the laundry.

God forbid you leave anything in your pockets because he doesn't check before throwing the laundry in the wash and then he will blame you for not taking things out of your pocket.

and God forbid you leave your delicates or hand washables in the wash machine..He will put it in the dryer without a second thought.

Umm..Dad..Where is my silk dress I was washing on delicate.

Its in the dryer, why?

Oh Dad, that was really expensive and now its ruined.

Get mad at me for trying to help you!!

No Dad...you did help me..I needed a sun frock to wear over my bikini..its perfect now!!

The Blonde needs her own laundry room!!!

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