SBF and Caroline, You Are Proof Bad Parenting Exists

 And when I mean hit by Karma, I mean a giant fucking truck to smash those greedy little fuckers heads of yours.

You continue to be a douche on every talk or podcast.

Dude, your woke moment is over. You made a deeper whole for you and all that it stood for, which honestly, just stood for nothing but self-entitled snowflakes. And now you realize the only people who giver a shit about you are your parents.

They did lie to you, you were never great or handsome. You were just well connected.

And now you are all grown up, and the most hated person in the word right now. I hope you take comfort in knowing we hate your parents more for raising such a cunt of a human being.

Caroline and her weasel parents too, for raising such privelaged cunts.

I get this is not going to be seen by many since it has no value other than to express my anger for these felons and losers who seem to have carte blanche on no jail time.

I lost faith in news and politics a long time ago.

This just saddens me because my beliefs of news and politicians  is proven once again.

They are giant whores with no value either.


Protecting FTX does not help with the Antisemitism

Sam Bankman-Fried (what is up with the hyphen?) donated to many politicians. but as we all know, politicians are the better paid hookers of society. The white collar, upper echelon of whores.

He spoke woke and sent money down the panties of all the political parties that now are busy paying off deteriorating news channels like New York Times and Forbes, who have also become whores to the powers that be.

How much does it take to pay for a puff piece, New York Times?

How can anyone trust you as a news channel?

And now with the news defending the crypto wizard of financial destruction and his psycho Harry Potter freak girlfriend? 

How much money did he give you?

Crypto is not the only thing going down. The trust in news is as well.

When Kanye "Ye" went all antisemitism, I have to wonder if he knew something the rest of us did not.

Are the Jews in control? 

I say not in all place but definitely in liberal news and Hollywood. 

And to defend this dick does not look good.

American Horror Story NYC

 Pissed me off in the first 2 minutes.

NO, deer did not carry the AIDS virus and it did not start on Fire Island.

When Hollywood is so careful to make sure every kid who wants to be fluid have a chance by trying to make it the norm in all videos, it is horrific that the writers and producers of this series clearly are too young to know anything and put out this trash of a show.

Let me fill you in. 

I met the airplane pilot who brought it to Brooklyn. I remember his house, I remember the thick leather diaries that he had locked in a safe of every escapade he ever had with detailed drawing of every penis from those escapades.

I was with his nephew who brought me from update new York to have a place to stay while we were to going to play in the city. 

That was until THEY stormed in, demanded the Uncle to open his safe and took all the diaries.

I remember the house, the fa├žade, the rooms, the bathroom with all the artistic photos of naked male bodies on the wall.

The giant chandelier that looked like it came from a 15th century castle.

I remember I was 17 and the boy I was with was 19 and his Father was famous but could not recall his name. I can't recall any of their names because it was locked up in that part of my memory where I try to forget.

The boy promised me we would have separate rooms and when we go there after a few hours drive, it was not the case and to make a long story short, date raped me and I kept my mouth quiet because I was too embarrassed and did not want his uncle to hear me quietly screaming "No".

The next morning, an awkwardness was in the air. I thought it was because his Uncle overheard me struggling and objecting to being climbed on and fucked from behind, but in fact it was something else.

The knock at the door came and the diaries I was shown the night before were being seized.

I left with the boy and my tail tucked under and after hours of hearing the Queen go off on a rant about his personal diaries being violated.

I did not understand the irony until many years later.

Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

I was always at the wrong place, at the wrong time,. with the wrong guy. 

If only I had a cell phone back then.



If I had internet when I was young, I would have committed suicide when I was 9

 I did not know that I could kill myself, so I prayed to God every night to take me in my sleep.

I begged.

I pleaded.

I cried every night.

Myself to sleep and hope to die.

and wish I did die and not wake at the tender age of nine

I would not be here today if the internet was at my fingertips and all I had to do was Google how to die.

I would have taken my Mothers pillss and slumber forever on the first try.

Why I do Halloween

 This year I did not go all out on Halloween decorations, because I knew I was blacklisted by the neighborhood.

I still put on a good show for those that wanted to come. 

I was happy to see one pretty little cowgirl on her own; two brothers with a parent who works in the neighborhood; and the one kid who would make my night.

It does not matter if I had 30 kids or 3 show up. 

What matters is, I always get to meet the one kid who says something that makes me think the whole world will be OK because they are in it.

I knew it would be a quiet door tonight so I gave each child 2 bags of candy, and this one special kid asked, " Do you have more bowls of bags?"

He was worried I would run out. I told him there is plenty for everyone.

I hope this kid runs for president one day.

Happy Halloween 2022!


When the World Turns

 What side will you be on?

When the homes flood, the earth caves in, and guns in your face?

Will you run, fight, hide, wait to be saved?

Will you be prepared and think only of yourself and your family?

Will you think like me and think fuck them?

Let them hurt, let them suffer, let them drown, burn, and watch their whole world go while clinging to their spoiled brat children that were taught to tease others?

That is how Christian non-denominational church go-ers think.

They really do suck! 

You go to church, not to be a better person, but to make you think you are. 

In the end you really are just a giant dick. 

Shadow Banned! Fuck Yes!! Instagram!

 Means I am telling something people need to hear but not willing to digest!

I don't agree with "Woke" and that was enough for Instagram to shadow ban  me after 2 years of nothing but posts about my animal farm.

Kind of ironic if you think about it. Orwellian happening in real time.

1984. Only my animals can't rise up. But why would they...all are free and I do not try to domesticate them.

I only feed them food, not bullshit, news, or anything else that would make them think they are not what they are.


God Dammit! Every show is a new opportunity to lecture!

Of course we get it and those that don't, wont.

Need I say more, Netflix idiots?!

Taking care of a dog

 Jesus Christ!

Why would anyone want this?

It is like having a child who can't eventually shit on its own.

It needs you, depends on you, would die without you ( not true by the way - unless you lock it up in its crate and can't get out if you pass out from a fire)

This incessant need for connection from anything is not healthy.

In the end, who do you think will survive if Armageddon happens? 

I am fairly certain this Blonde will, but will you?


Trump Click Bait. Did you see this?

Really, you clicked on a title that literally said click bait. Did you think it would be what you want? 

So sick of it all. Who fucking cares about him any more? Jesus would tell him to fuck off and drop him from a roof if you believe that second bible that came out about him being a kid.

It is all pretty ridiculous, don't you think? Or maybe you don't and just like to believe in demons fairy tales, and the biggest fictional book of all times!

All Black People Look Alike

Obviously they do not. So why put white people in the same bucket?

Caucasian? What the fuck is that? 

Help Me, Help You Help Me

Help You Help Me

Become a patreon and let ME live the life YOU want.

Absolutely shocked that people turn a blind-eye to a homeless person on the street, but two young kids with a cam and a laptop can convince others they need your money to let them live the life they want. 

What is the difference?

Why them and nopt others?

Guess giving a crackhead money to let them live out his life doesn't come with a YouTube video so no entertainment.

But what if the crackhead did come with editing capabilities and would record their life?

What if we put gopros on homeless and watched them live their life?

Would you be interested? Would you become a PATREON?

And after you gave them money for awhile but got bored with the months of the mundane, how would that homeless person be able to dance back into your good graces and keep that money flowing?