Feud Capote vs the Swans, and Society

 I don’t think of these women as swans. I see them as sad, ugly ducklings who hid in expensive clothes and knew they were less than the public perceived.

Truman just shed light on how little they really were. Money can buy many things but it can’t buy someone an authentic life. these so called swans had so little thought in their brain that the only thing they chased was the admiration of a small clique who would sell them out and leave them in the cold at the drop of a hat just to keep their silly little reputation in tact.

So much I want to talk about and we will get to that in a later post but for now…

I am stunned that with all the money Ann Woodward had, that she just did not try to reinvent herself somewhere else. Why did this small little piece of society mean so much to her?

Why did Truman go after her in such a fervor?

This Blonde would have sold everything and moved with the children to Hollywood where acceptance would be accessible.

Was Truman a giant twat?  Or perhaps, he was just tired of being the token gay in a party where he was only the side show for amusement. 

I believe he secretly hated these women and the love he thought he had was misguided by the upbringing of his narcissistic mother. He was a severely wounded child that grew up as someone able to sling sticks and stones with hard typed black ink on white paper. And ultimately published to scream out his hurt to the rest of the world.

Honestly a bit funny if you think about it, he was cancelled.

Cancelled by a very silly, sad, insignificant, white privileged clique of North East Coast U.S.A that did nothing exceptional and only true gift to society was to flaunt their wealth and wear couture.

I will pick this up later, I have a first edition to “Answered Prayers”, that I need to get through and comment in Blonde sarcasm when done.

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