Its Official

Online dating has become certifiably the worst place to meet a nice man.

I forgot I had a profile on Millionaire Match and I went out with someone..out of boredom really.

We hit it off. Of course. I am awesome on dates!!

I was not sexually attracted to him but I thought for fun activity partner..

What the hell!

Well, the second date made me think...


I just signed us up for the Rebel Race and made reservations for two rooms at a quaint B&B.

I am still doing the race and my parents can have the second room. At least I will have someone cheering me on and taking photos of me knee deep in mud.

So the second time we went out, he informed me that he had been married 5 times.

Yes ladies and gentlemen five times. One or two less than Elizabeth Taylor.

And of course, don't you know the women were all 'bipolar'. The new catch phrase for 'beware of men' who use this terminology of their former ex's.


He is either a flake or very arrogant. I am thinking he is both wrapped up in one sad little package.

He is nice enough to look at and he races in triathlons, so he is built like a brick mud house..

but his brains are shy of knowing where Monte Carlo is. No really, he really has no idea of what or where Monte Carlo is.

We were supposed to hang out tonight and I am at that age where going out after 10pm downtown would tattoo 'pathetic' on my ass.

Even more so, I look the part to hit downtown and club but I don't because I would feel like I am robbing the cradle. Something Mr Elizabeth Taylor seems to pride himself on.

He needs a flat belly. He needs someone under 38. He is 54 and looks all of it.


Go get your girls but don't rope me into your 'candy and van' scheme.


The Blonde is not done...I have the dinner party where nubs came flying off the chef's hand while sipping down too many margaritas!!

Whoo Hoo!!

The Blonde is back in story land!

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