CoWinkyDInk or New Age Inquistion

I tested the key words on alert by Homeland Security.

I am not sure if it was a coincidence or if Homeland keyed in on my IP address.

The minute I posted key words on Twitter, my home alarm started beeping. Not an alarm but an interruption to the signal causing the blip to my security system.

My web browser shut down for a few seconds as well.

I am not worried that they have honed in on my IP address.

Let them check out my history.

I defend our military.

I argue with leftist liberals who rather fight for the rights of a dead suicide bomber, who blew himself up accidentally before following through on killing innocent lives.

Soldiers should not pose with a leg or an arm of an accidental suicide bomber's bits. Its almost terrible if it weren't so funny.

Excuse me for giggling at a suicide bomber's bits and parts in a photo opportunity with our military and the Afghan Military.

It's like 'Jack Ass" but only better.

Its reality!!

Its something that Americans no nothing about.

War is not pretty.

War is not elegant.

An elegant war is what the Red Coats tried to do in the Civil War.

DO Americans forget how we won that war?

We played dirty according to British recounts.

We had democracy to defend.

Is that not our goal still?

Should we not do all we can to defend equality for everyone?

Do not forget!!

We play the British red coats in a war where the enemy is playing dirty.

We will loose if we try to play fair against a team that preys on our fairness.

As long as I am not put to 'the question', than Homeland is more than welcome to my files.

Just make sure the Secret Service doesn't download my private porn collection.

That would piss the Blonde off!!

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