We Are On A Slippery Slope

Companies are demanding you sign a release form for your medical records, credit report, and Facebook account before they even hire you.

They want to invade your personal private liberties before offering you a job, salary, or health care.

They are the private gestapo getting around the rights afforded to us by our democracy.

And we take it sitting down watching 24 hour around the clock news that feeds us propaganda.

When are we going to wake up?!

When are we going to see that our democracy is border lining on the books by George Orwell?

When are we going to stand up and fight like 'Animal Farm'?

Read his work people!!

The Facebook IPO debacle is a sham and the fact that 73 million people bought into it hurts my head.

We protect people from burning their hips with coffee.

We demand the carb content be placed on a menu at McDonalds

We try to protect our sanctity of heterosexual marriages by banning gays from ruining it.


I have no idea.

Its how stupid we have become!!

If you want to save the sanctity of marriage...ban the internet dating sites where married people troll for a casual sex encounter!

If you don't want to get fat, don't eat fried fast food!

If you want free health care than take personal responsibility and don't be a dumb ass and eat your way through a smorgasbord of corn syrup laden
prepackaged junk food at the grocery store!

If you want your private life to remain private and not the property of a corporation that you work for, than get off your office chair and rally a group to stop the invasive practices. And take personal responsibility and do your work instead of cruising online dating sites and Facebook when you should be working!!

And if you want to stop being a slave to the 1% than take your money out of all stocks and 401ks and demand your money free and clear to invest in land and your future.

Tech companies offering IPOs do it because they can't make it without you. You are paying off the original investors who have already capped their profit and find no benefit in the company and they want you to pay them out.

The only thing I am happy to report about Facebook Inc is that 482 million people invested their time in watching Eminem and Rhianna on Youtube instead of the 73 million who sunk their hard earned cash into a losing ship!!!

Wake Up America...You have no net to break your fall!

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