A Billion Dollars

Ladies and Gents,
I am on one pissy roll this week. And its not just my PMS kicking in.

Facebook just made a blatant, in your face to the status quo, move. Zuckerberg bought his buds Instagram company for a billion dollars. Have you seen Instagram. Its twitter but with pics instead of pithy comments. 30 million folks signed up but I can tell you, most have them dumped it already. Its stupid.

What is even more stupid is the sucker who buys stock from Facebook at an over-inflated price with an illusion of making money. The only real money is in harvesting private information but they can't announce the selling of our private information to all the dirt bags in the world ready to eat it up and keep us under a spam spell!!!

I see ponzie, I see funneling, I see a major bubble repeat itself. It is about to burst and hurt the Americans peeps.

Greed is not good, Gordon!!!

This kind of greed will lead to a revolt.

How much abuse can we take?

We need this to happen. We need another meltdown and catastrophe in the financial world.

We need that Mayan end to hit Wall Street.

And Zuckerberg...

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men will not be able to put you back together again!!

At least the Blonde Hopes so, a trillion times over!!!

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