My Smart Phone

...won't shut up. I played around with the gadgets on my phone and somehow turned on the voice commands but can't remember what I did to turn it on, so I may turn it off.

I am told in a female frenzy of a voice what time it is at odd times. It has no rhyme or reason. Not hourly or even mid-day, its just random out of the blue telling of time.

She tells me when a call is coming in but I can tell myself by the ring-tone.

My phone tells me I have voice mail although I already have a beep that told me I have it.

Every button I push she repeats out loud what I just did. Its a good thing my phone doesn't dispense tampons so she could announce to the world when I am on a Mother nature week trip.

My phone needs a sexier male voice if it wants to send me little random hints of daytime and that it just went into lock mode.

The Blonde doesn't like talking on her phone!

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