The Day I Shot Cupid

I am glad to see I am not the only love-aholic on the planet. Seems Jennifer Love Hewitt takes her name to serious literal heights.

I am grabbing my discount version of the book on Amazon.com and I am sure reading Jenny's foibles in love will make mine look like a cakewalk in the park on a glowing spring day. She made some questionable moves regarding her pursuit of men. I personally....

never did a "Say Anything" movie moment with magic markers and poster board but I applaud her enthusiasm for the dramatic.

We all have done some questionable things in the pursuit of love and we should laugh at them. I personally have gone a few extra phone calls and emails past the prime of a broken relationship but it was all in good faith. Its my nature not to give up so easily on love and and I can't sit and feel ashamed at myself for trying a little too hard sometimes.

I have found my place in love and I like where I am at. I have a surprising outcome for second chances just when I thought second chances don't come around.

So to all those lost looking for love and feeling a bit down on the search drag. Keep a chin up, read a little light-hearted literature on the subject and let out a sigh of relief.

Love will come from the most surprising of circumstances. Just commit yourself to love and it will happen.

The Blonde has fallen again!

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