Dents, Dinks, and Da Cops

My car is dented and dinked.

My bike is torn and shaved.

And my bank account is bruised and battered by the recession.


Boo and I both got plugged for speeding tickets less than a week apart. I like to think of it as my charitable contribution to the men in blue. Only, this time it was more than I wanted to gift out.

I don't care about it going on my license. I don't care about the money. But I do care a crap load that I am being put through the ringer because I didn't have the insurance card in the car.

I have to call, fax, and sign my first born away to attest I had insurance on the day I was driving.

I have to fax a form to the insurance company. They have to sign and notarize and mail back originals while I have to sign, notarize and deliver in hand to the podunck police station the paperwork.


I could carry a forged insurance document and be fine when pulled over so I don;t see why all this rig-a-ma-roll is needed other than to piss me off and entertain the bored law enforcements with a gamble game wether or not my lazy ass is going to get it done in time.

I will get it done.

I don't mind the ticket but I do mind the bullshit.

I had the insurance company send them my policy directly but because Boo was driving the car, I have to attest I gave him permission to drive.

I was in the freakin car!!

I am glad Podunk doesn't need to the court time to process real crimes.

I am glad they have time to come up with fun games to occupy there time.

I have the time to play too.

The Blonde is being charitable.

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