My Bike was in a Car Accident

My beloved Trek 7500 with upgraded gear was in a terrible accident today.

After a 26 mile ride in record time, I placed my bike on the rack and headed home. While I was on Mopac just as I hit the bridge before 360, a gust of wind whipped my baby off the rack. Since it was a bridge, there was no shoulder and I couldn't break because of cars behind me...

I had to trail my baby a mile before I could pull over safely.

She is in sad shape. I don't have the heart to put up pictures yet.

Her new pro gel seat is in smithereens.

One of her sleak Bonager rims is warped.

The Shimano gears are f---ed up, I lost my electronic mile counter, and my AIG water bottle from my V.I.P. visit to the U.S. Open was lost along the highway!!

We can rebuild.

We have the technology.

The Blonde will survive!!

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