Butler VS Duke

What a game. I had a hard time deciding who to root for, especially when Butler had the guy with ALS come out to say how proud he was of the team through a letter that was dictated by blinking eyes to his wife and read out loud to the team by her. It really was something!!

Well, the fat lady sang and its over but the game was incredible and the last point with 3 seconds left on the clock probably left Butler stinging a bit. I hope they are still proud of what they accomplished.

I feel pretty accomplished myself these days. I am on the home stretch of school and I am puttering around Dallas for fun times and destiny.

I am bak to believing that fate has already the things in my life stored for me. I thought the psychic was wrong but it turns out, he might just be right.

I think I am on the path that was laid out before me the one time I sat down for a psychic reading along time ago.

I can breathe deep knowing that everything is going to sail me into the exact life with the exact person I was meant to be with.

There is still the chance that my destiny is going to play out and I don;t want to jinx it with any talk of what is going on right now but just know its incredibly awesome and I am superbly pleased.

The Blonde got game!!

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