Dribble Penetration

I love that word. My newest joy is watching the Mavs kick it on the basketball court. Now that I am bi-city girl and big D is one half of my bi-ness.

I am a Dallas sports fan in the arena of basketball.

Jason Kidd is my man on the team because he is in my age box. He is in my height range requirements and he is darn cute for a bald dude.

Not to mention, he is off the chart good at his game.

He is definitely on my 5 list.

The 5 list consists of five people you would like to shag if you could. They must all be celebrity and out of your league.

Of course I am not one to bang just out of fame.

My list is more about who I would date.

Its fantasy dating.

So far I have Jason Kidd, Robert Downey Jr and my man.

Mr Man from D town.

We tried and bombed a few years ago but timing was right this time around and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Timing is not everything but it is a huge part of the game.

And so far, I am as good as Jason Kidd on the 3 point line.

I am making every moment count.

The Blonde is on her game!!

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