California's Descent Into Madness: Redefining Monsters and Ignoring the Innocent

 It seems California has finally managed to out-California itself. In a staggering display of twisted priorities and sheer ignorance, the state has decided that rebranding pedophiles as "minor attracted people" is a worthwhile endeavor. And here we were, thinking that the primary focus of a functioning society should be protecting the most vulnerable among us. Silly us, right?

In this brave new world of progressive euphemisms, the lines between good and evil blur into a sickening haze of gray. It seems that in California's quest for inclusivity, they've managed to include the darkest elements of humanity. But hey, at least we're all in this together, right?

Adding insult to injury, we have recently learned about a gay couple living in Georgia who adopted two special needs children from a Christian agency, only to abuse them sexually and then pimp them out to a pedophile ring - sorry not using Cali's politically correct bullshit. Nothing is politically correct about pedos!

In the midst of redefining terms for child predators, the state is failing to protect the innocent victims who suffer at the hands of these criminals. Truly, a round of applause is in order. California is about as close to winning dick of the year award as Putin is.

It's a wonder that California's legislators have the time to concoct such asinine rebranding campaigns when there are far more pressing issues at hand – you know, like homelessness, affordable housing, and crumbling infrastructure. But hey, why bother fixing real problems when you can just gloss over them with a fresh coat of euphemistic paint for pedophiles?

If there's one thing California excels at, it's shifting the focus away from the root causes of its problems and towards absurd distractions. In a state where the vulnerable are consistently let down, California has chosen to focus on semantics rather than substance. Because who needs solutions when you've got a shiny new veneer of political correctness?

So congratulations, California, you've officially hit rock bottom. Your steadfast dedication to redefining reality and ignoring the needs of your citizens is truly a sight to behold. Your warped priorities and distorted values stand as a testament to the absurdity of the world we now inhabit.

And it is not just California, but the whole world that has gone wack!! Take for instance the Horizon Project.

The European Consortium has enthusiastically embraced the Horizon Project. Because, of course, why wouldn't they jump on this absurd bandwagon? 

What is the Horizon Project? No one really fucking knows.

The Horizon Project, in all its misguided glory, seems to be the perfect companion for California's descent into madness. After all, it's just another testament to the baffling priorities of those in power – a twisted marriage of willful ignorance and misplaced focus that only serves to compound the problems we should be addressing.

But I can tell you one positive thing, Head of Police in Scotland said fuck you to the concept.

But unfortunately that is the only positive thing I could find on re-branding pedophiles into "minor-attracted people". 

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