7-11 NOW Was Good Until this Pasty White Boy

 I surprised myself that I did not slap the living daylights out of this pasty, white, ginger boy.

His infuriatingly smug look deserved a solid beatdown. All I offered was the harshest review he had ever encountered in his life, unless he left the delivery with a 30 percent tip.

My birthday was just the other day, and I had my current passport with me. It was smart of him to take it, because I had so much going on. This cocky little guy, upon seeing the size of my house, thought he would put a rich person in their place. Unfortunately, I am not the rich one. I am the co-dependent asshole to a narcissistic Mother.

And that aside, fucking where is your judgement 7-11 NOW delivery drivers? Clearly I am over the 21 year old threshold even with an expired license by 3 days.

You are on my ban list and no company has ever gotten off of it!

Se fucking context to why I am so sick of sub-contractors and delivery people thinking I owe them a fucking salary in tips!

This house is an absolute nightmare. My dad passed away five years ago, and my mother refuses to sell this massive 8,000-square-foot house with a pool and two acres of lawn that constantly needs maintenance.

I could be just as heartless as her and let this place go. I could let her move to a nursing home in Texas, where she would likely be mistreated. As much as I want to believe I'm strong enough and cruel enough to abandon the woman who was the bane of my existence and made my life a living hell...

I am not that ugly, only lash out when pushed.

I pay for the upkeep of this house and my sisters who do nothing are just waiting on a quick-sell and check.

They conveniently disappear when it comes to this woman - known as Mother. They know she was a problem and are simply waiting for their cut of the 8 million dollars.

No, it's just me! And why?

Because that wicked woman took everything she could from all of us. I'll be damned if she squanders away this house that my Dad worked hard to build. And quite frankly the bitch does owe us something. She only had us when she thought my Dad wanted to leave her.

Gold-digger bitch 101: children are just there to keep the man and the money.

So, exercise extreme caution if you plan to bring your smug little face to my Mother's house and think you can treat me as poorly as my mother did in the past.

You ignorant, foolish Gen Z 7-11 delivery shit!

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