"And Just Like That", Jessica forget her suicide pack in "If Lucy Fell"

 Hold onto your eye rolls, folks, because we're about to peel back the layers of selective memory in the world of the rich and famous and dissect the glamorous strut of Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City." 

Guess who found an oldie but a goodie:

The cringeworthy gem that the wise old internet seems to have misplaced, "If Lucy Fell." Oh, you can search high and low on IMDb or Wikipedia, but you won't find it there. A standing ovation for Ms. Parker's masterclass in blatant hypocrisy, anyone?

Let's dive into the cinematic treasure chest that is "If Lucy Fell." In this delightful piece of forgotten history, our dear Jessica's character dives headfirst into a pact to off themselves if they don't snag some love action by a certain deadline. But wait for it, drumroll please – she's now back in action, headlining "And Just Like That," the reincarnation of "Sex and the City" that's all about unicorns, rainbows, and sipping cosmos. Did she misplace her suicide pact along with her memory? Or is it just a case of choosing which skeletons to keep hidden?

Oh, the irony! To see someone who once starred in a film where "loveless" apparently meant "lifeless" now basking in the glory of NYC glam and giggles. Did Carrie Bradshaw get hit with a magical memory-erasing wand, or did she just decide to do a selective brain cleanse?

Let's give credit where credit is due – we've all got a laundry list of moments we'd rather not parade around. But oh, Ms. Parker, you've taken it to a whole new level of audacity. It's like she's hoping we're all too busy swooning over her Carrie comeback to notice her previous questionable choices. Hats off, Jessica, you're truly a master of illusion!

So, to all those big shots who believe their past can be buried under piles of fancy designer clothes, take a lesson from Sarah Jessica Parker – the grandmaster of the "Oh, you thought I'd remember that?" school of thought. Own up to your past messes, because guess what? We're not here to play amnesia with you.

Until we gather again to rip apart the glittery facade of Hollywood, remember folks, your past is like a pesky paparazzo – always lurking and ready to flash those unflattering shots. Stay real, stay salty, and keep calling out the hypocrites!

"If Lucy Fell", was fucking awesome. 

And if you have not seen other Eric Schaeffer movies, you would be dick because his poetry is next level!!

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