Hidden Deductions and Credits

I have to say for me filing taxes is an easy affair. I go to TurboTax and they walk me through the process like I was playing Candy lane with old friends.

And the fact I am a student making no reportable income, I win the Candy game.

Its really more like winning things back. Like the extra cost my school pads in the bill.

School books, lab, parking, extra large creamy latte foamies!!

And do not tell me coffee is not a huge requirement to get through classes.

Plus, I should get a senior citizen discount in higher education for being the most ancient chick in the class.

On a positive note...I am of consenting age to work with my better looking Professors in private tutoring on Fridays for a better grade.


Grand Uncle Sam has been a pretty good refund Daddy although, he could be a little better but no complaints.

I don't like to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when its a regift from my own pocket!!

The Blonde feels your filing pain!!!

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