Pay it Forward

Every once in a blue moon, I get a little voice that says do something kind even if it hurts your pocket book.

We rarely come across super nice people, on the internet or any where else, and so not to listen to my little voice would be like saying, I don't believe in humanity and its ultimate kindness.

An opportunity arose to build a random act of niceness and I grabbed ahold of it like it was my last blonde hair before the grey ghosts creep in to steal it and force me to recognize my aging.

I wanted to do something small that would mean something nice in someone else's world.

So I gave away a pair of Prada loafers just because a person I never met, nor will ever meet, was just too damn nice not to appreciate them.

Life is full of people who pass us by and not give a second thought as to whether they should even offer a smile.

My Prada loafers were not a big deal. It wont feed the hungry. They won't clothes a family.

But they will, in this one small instance, give faith to an anonymous entity that shopped on my Ebay store , that sometimes, for no reason at all, we should believe that good karna is an attribute and it will be returned in kind to those who believe in being nice.

And Karna comes with no strings attached.

I am sure she will find it crazy and wonder what was behind it. But, honestly, I have nothing I want other than to say thank you for being such a kind person.

The Blonde is happily drunk on kindness!!

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