Kill them with Kindness

I have been selling on Ebay for awhile and I really do love selling something, wrapping it up in pretty paper and sending a little part of me to someone in another neck of the country.

I tried to go international and sold a Dolce and Gabbana skirt to a femme in the Czech Republic. She sent a return notice saying there were holes in the skirt.

I know for a fact there were no holes. It could have happened in transit but now I am stuck giving back a refund including shipping, both ways, just to keep my ranking at 100%.

What I am afraid of is the cultural differences that are applied to selling my ebay wears to someone in the slavic communities as opposed to selling to someone in my home world down south.

The austere email from Oksanana seems to me she isn't going to appreciate my killing her with kindness just to keep my 100% satisfied status no matter how far out of the way I go.

Hopefully she will just not comment.

Cross your fingers.

Or maybe, I am too western world in my thinking and not everyone on the other side of the atlantic or pacific is a douche.

The Blonde is in a Nordstrom state of play!!

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