Working It!

I am working, working, working....

and studying, studying, studying...

French is kicking my arse but I will get it. I am putting several hours a day trying to learn this language. Heck, I barely slide with an English tongue.

But Napolean the french teacher will keep me on my toes. Its amazing how much you want to prove yourself to someone who just rolls his eyes at your effort.

Anyhoo, on a happier note....

My online selling is doing awww---ight!! I don't know why I find that a shocker, but I do, sometimes. Maybe, cuz being successful at something has not always been my stronger suit, but I guess a Blonde just has to find her nitch.

Mine happens to be fashion. Designing, creating, shopping and reselling...LOVE IT ALL!!

I am also about to get kicking in high gear on my creativity. I have tons of fabric sitting around going vintage on me. Crazy the cost of notions at Joann Fabrics but so much fun to shop and the killer bags I am about to launch on my Etsy store will be fab.

Interested in an array of goods from me...Check out my ad to the left.


On the love side of my life.

Its actually just as shocking and fabulous. I have found my nitch in the love department as well.

A little older but not too much. Handsome and sweet as a button and from out of Texas.

No more Texas men for me. They just don't fit in my style but a cute Doctor from the North fits tighter than a boy scout slip knot.

The Blonde is working her mojo!!

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