Valentino Day is Coming

and I had know idea, how expensive card giving has become. I don't mind paying $3 for a card but at least put some thought into what is on the card. One card I picked up had a crudely drawn supposedly sexy femme on the front; quite frankly the arms and legs looked like she was whipping about in a palsey moment.

Anyhoo, and moving on...

the inside of the card simply said, "You know you love me". Stalkers will be shocked to know that this piece of card stock will set them back minus $3.99 for their medication.

And were moving along the isle

To the Whole Food granola crowd; already aware of the high price to keep the world a better and cleaner environment, it will not be a super shocker to learn that their little bamboo blended card will set them back $4.59

You need a little more green for your chubby cherub heart cards to stay in the green zone.

and even further down the half an isle section of happy heart day cards, we finally get to the piece de resistance...


The singing cards. Actually, the one I picked up shouted. The song "You make me Wanna Shout" will make you want to scream for some debt relief at a whopping $6.99.

What did the Blonde pick?

The obnoxious cat cards.


The cards written by cats for their owners. Funny, clever, and a lot of smart ass. For $2.59, how can you pass up a kitchy little kitty saying how idiotic can a human be for buying a card to give themselves but actually its from the cat.

See how how its clever for the cat?

He doesn't have to shop for the card.

I bought four of those.

All in all, I walked out of Target with $30 worth of sweet nothings. Believe me, at 30 smack-a-roos...it was something.

A dent in my change purse but come Valentine's Day, it will be well worth it.

Especially knowing I am the blonde and no matter where I look in the world on Valentine's Day; I know its the men that really get zapped on this holiday.

Don;t get me started on the price of roses!!!

Happy Heart hunting at Halmark!!!

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