Bad Benny

I don't know if its me or the benadryl but the pink tabs do not konk me out like the gel tabs do. I took a gel tab yesterday and I was a waste basket.

I am telling you it makes a great substitute for zanax.

I was as calm as a cucumber all day.

I wasn;t much of a talker or listener for that matter but it was a very relaxing and unproductive day.

The great thing about the gel benny is that it helps me sleep at night.  I still get up at 2 when the allergy part of the benadryl wares off but I pop another one and I am back to nappy in no time at all.

Today I feel great. I had a great night's rest and now I am on a cleaning roll.

Pop in my rock music, head to academy to buy a bunch of foot lockers to put summer clothes away, and get busy on my studies!

Its a good day!

The Blonde is on a happy high!

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