The Olive Branch

can only be extended so far before you find your grip slipping and as much as you want to hold on, you know you will end up drowning if you keep trying.

So you let go...and at first it hurts. You think you could have saved them if they were just willing to hold on as much as you were willing to hold on.

Now the branch is gone, the soul you wanted to save with your love has slipped away.

What are you going to do?

Die with it?

Hell NO!!

You are going to pick yourself up from the bank of water. You are going to towel yourself off.

You are going to blow dry your hair, curl it in a sexy swirl.

And get on with meeting a man that doesn't need an olive branch.

A man that can meet you half way.

A man who will love you like you love him.

I waited too long to settle for some fool that has no intention of putting any effort into a relationship.

If only money did it for me.

But unfortunately I think I deserve more!!

The Blonde doesn't settle for cheap allowances!!

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