Black Beans

...does not offer a sexy aftermath. Its best to just get home and say thank you that it is a crisp fall night and open a window.

While I take rest from dating, I have to say some dates cause a sort of indigestion since they.begin with an easy  meeting for coffee or Mexican food and if the sparks didn't fly for the date, you can rest assured you won' be disappointed at the end of the evening when you arrive home and chew on a Beeno. And sparks can still fly

...just light a match under you bum and wait for the wind to rip.

Like gas, dating is  a pain in the ass but eventually you settle down with a few good men and get back to a less gassy diet.

All in all, the very right decision to ditch the DFeX has been reaffirmed over and over by the few good men I have had the pleasure of sharing a drink with.

Time will tell before their kinks begin to show but I am fairly certain I am more suited to someone who is a little more active than the deadpan in Dallas.

I have been to several music concerts, been wined and dined at the finest restaurant, I have a date to a mini drive-in theater and I am enjoying a picnic come this Sunday.

I like playing house but playing it all the time is for someone in their retirement age and I just don't ever plan on being that old.

The Blonde has hitting the gas again!!

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