Choosing a Law School

isn't half as important as choosing how I am going to use my law degree.

The most importnat thing to have is passion for who your are and what you want to achieve.

I read of all the injustices in the world and my degree can;t come quick enough.

I should have been a lwayer years ago but maybe fate didn't think I was ready.

Now, I am.

In the wake of seeing my student loans on hiatus at the junior college I attend, I have to get busy looking for a 4 year university. It doesn't really matter where I go because I don;t need an impressive school to become an impressive lawyer.

I have the drive, the ambition, the passion to make the world a better place and with a law degree I am the bad guys karmic retribution. Maybe when I was younger I would have been in it for the money and the prestige.

Now I am in this for the long haul in changing the world for better.

So watch out bad guys!!

The Blonde is going legal on you!

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