Blonde Temper Tantrum

I may or may not have had a little tantrum last night of which I blogged about but quickly erased this morning.

Had a certain someone not contact me about a certain idea I was interested in, the point would be mute but after being contacted by that someone and reading up on the press releases and seeing a certain head of spoiled meat having part in that idea; I now have to strategically plan that the idea, I can not participate in, not be given away so easily to a bunch of spoiled brats with no real desire for anything other than more money.

Where is the Dalai Lama when I need him?

He should be the face of the eco domain and not Al Bore (click and learn) who preaches but doesn't practice!

I think doteco should go to a company that believes in giving back, say 10% of the profit to save the planet. How about Tom's Shoes? Have him apply for it. We can all chip in and raise the funds for him.

The Blonde wants a better deal!!

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