Biatch Ain't Blonde

I knew Carrie Prejean was not a true blonde!! Her ambition is as clear as her dark roots.

Being ignorantly persuaded by a book of fables to outcast anyone isn't a blonde trait but rather a blind one.

Perez Hilton, who is also an opportunistic bleach blonde biatch, is granted my reprieve this one time because he is fighting for a real cause; the equality of a genetically based attribute condemned by church and society as a detriment to marriage and completely bogus.

Gay men and women can't change who they are any more than a zebra could wish his stripes away by rubbing up against a tree.

Do you really think gay children would choose a life that makes them hide who they are? Do you think they would choose to be beaten and ostracized because they were different? Do you think, maybe, Perez' anger is built from a life long torture of unacceptance?

This is the teaching of the bible, not the word of God.

Blondes would never throw a stone!

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