Here She Comes Again

walking down the hall

la la la lala

While I try to write

la la lala

she is talking up a storm

la la lala la

la la

la la di da


One thing about being a boomeranger that works from home is the fact that the parents do not recognize the work as actual employment but rather an opportunity to annoy their daughter with rhetoric not pertaining to said daughter.

I am working!!

Oh, oh, sorry...did you see the new vase I bought.

Mother, I am in the middle of something, please?

But of course dear, I won't bother you again.

Thank you

Just come and look at the vase, its very old. Your Father will die if he knows I bought it.

I will when I am done!

Oh, oh OK

La la lala di da

From the other side of my door, I hear an argument.

What did you buy now, woman?!

Nothing Dear, its just a vase from the store.

mumble, mumble, screaming, yelling, door slam....

pitter patter of blonde footsteps....
la la la uh oh la

my door opens

Did you hear what your Father said? He didn't even see the vase.

Did you look at my vase?

No Mother, I did not, I was trying to finish my work that pays for my car, that I will need, in the event of my mental breakdown, in order to drive myself to the loony bin and finish my work from a padded cell!

Oh, OK, when your done...come look at the vase.

No doubt, The Blonde is back at home!!!

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